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Longleaf Village is a subdivision in SW Gainesville with lots of amenities.  There are two builders who are active in Longleaf – Tommy Williams and Robinshore.

Historical Sales Prices

Year Sold $/Sqft Sale Price
2004 $                106 $        192,773
2005 $                115 $        233,886
2006 $                136 $        276,592
2007 $                152 $        301,969
2008 $                141 $        274,472
2009 $                131 $        241,090
2010 $                113 $        221,127

Any Action Today?

Nothing has gone under contact in the last 30 or so days. The usual time it takes to go thru the closing process from contract to closing for a resale property is about 30 to 45 days.

There are no new “Pended” contracts in Longleaf.


What has Sold this Year?

There have been 9 sales this year.

These homes were built from 2004 to 2011. Their heated and cooled areas were 1,553 to 2,103 sqft. Their sale prices ranged from $205,000 to $241,779. The average days these sat on the market was 102.


front yard in longleaf

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What’s for Sale?

There are 21 homes for sale in Longleaf today.

They range in price from $192,679 to $398,773. They range in size (heated & cooled area) from 1,469 sqft to 3,045 sqft. Their ages range from 2004 to 2011.

The average days these have been on the market is 139.


What does it Mean?

There are about 14 months of inventory on the market in Longleaf if you run the numbers above, but since new homes are also being built that number is bigger – maybe 20 months of inventory.

That is definitely a buyer’s market.  If you have to sell your home now make sure you have it looking beautiful and priced well, because you are competing with builders, short sales, and cheaper homes in Willow Oaks.


Activity in the Whole Zip Code

This is info about Asking prices on the market today: