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Protect my Family

mother and daughter

mother and daughterIf your focus is on making  your home as healthy and safe to live in as possible then pay attention to gas emissions, air filters, and water quality.

Would you like help building a Green Home?

Breathe – Newer homes are so well insulated that indoor air quality has become more of an issue lately, and the inside of a new home can smell pretty strong.  To breathe easier you should look for “low V.O.C.” materials (volatile organic compounds).  Ask for carpets that don’t emit formaldehyde and paints that stop smelling after they dry (for the most part).  The finish on your cabinets should be low V.O.C. also.  If you are allergic to mold and mildew ask for a high-quality air filter and ultraviolet cleaners for your air conditioner.

Drink – Whether your home uses a well or is supplied by a city you water in North Florida comes from the aquifer.  If you have well water test it to make sure it’s safe for drinking.  Many people prefer water softeners and other on-site treatment systems.

Live –  Use native plants and grasses for landscaping (Xeriscaping) to reduce the amount of pest spray you need to use around your home.

What Shade of Green are You? rainbow colored crayons aim to target

This is a 3-part series to expose you to some of the differences in sustainable construction, and why you would want to use these ideas in your next remodeling or new construction project.  We will cover the following perspectives for you:

I am concerned about the environment.

I want an efficient home that brings down my bills over the years.

I want to protect my family from toxic chemicals.