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Building an Energy-Efficient Home

Building an Economical Home – Your focus should be how long it takes you to recover the extra cost of upgrading any of the materials or systems in your home. You need to decide if it is better to pay for that now or budget for a new replacement down the road.

Building a Green Home

New Homes built today are twice as energy-efficient as homes that built in the 1970’s (only 40 years ago). The standard materials we use and the equipment we install today lasts longer and have a smaller environmental footprint.

Healthy Choices for New Home Construction

Protect my Family If your focus is on making  your home as healthy and safe to live in as possible then pay attention to gas emissions, air filters, and water quality. Would you like help building a Green Home? Breathe – Newer homes are so well insulated that...

Energy Star Home Energy Yardstick

If you have narrowed down your home search to a handful of homes you like it is time to start digging deeper.  Have another look at each of the homes and while you are there take a few minutes to do a quick pre-inspection to look for potential problems.  Some easy to...