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balanced market

I’ve got some good news for homeowners in Longleaf.  The market for “resale” homes has finally balanced out.  That means the demand for homes and the inventory are in harmony – it is a Balanced Market.

There is a huge range in sold prices over the last year, because the homes here have a lot of variety in their appointments.

Some homes here are small and others are large and luxurious, so it takes a more through comparison to know what a particular home is worth.

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Re-Sale Homes in Longleaf

Homes in Longleaf that have already been lived in sell for less than the brand new homes, by about 20%.  Over the last year 31 homes sold.  About 1 in 5 was a short sale, and only 1 was a foreclosure.

Asking prices are just a bit above sold prices, but ranged from a high of $381,000 to a low of $160,000.

Re-sale homes: Price per Square Foot Comparison

 Available  Prices  Sold  Prices
Median $/Sqft $115 Median $/Sqft $112
Highest $/Sqft $150 Highest $/Sqft $144
Lowest $/Sqft $77 Lowest $/Sqft $79

New Homes in Longleaf

The construction crews are busy in Longleaf, building over a dozen new homes. Robinshore or Tommy Williams are building all the homes in Longleaf.

There are just a few “spec homes” that would be ready to move into quickly but many of the homes are custom-built for the new owners.

Under Construction  Prices Sold  Prices
Median $/Sqft $134 Median $/Sqft $139
Highest $/Sqft $160 Highest $/Sqft $165
Lowest $/Sqft $92 Lowest $/Sqft $106