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Longleaf Village is still one of the most active new home developments in Gainesville, FL.

Click to see Homes for Sale in Longleaf

Click to see Homes for Sale in Longleaf

Since our last look at Longleaf Village in June , we see that 25 sales have occurred. They are spread out between new homes and resale of existing homes (which are all fairly new).

  • 7 re-sales closed at a per sq ft price of $127.
  • Tommy Williams closed 5 newly constructed homes at a per sq ft average of $145
  • Robinshore sold the most homes, 9 newly constructed homes at an average of $138 per sq ft.
  • Of the resales, there were 4 short sales in Longleaf that averaged $105 per sq ft.

There are 20 homes for sale right now. One is a short sale, 10 are being built now, and 9 more are re-sales.

The builders have 11 homes under contract right now, so things are busy in the area now.  Unfortunatly for sellers activity for resale homes has slowed down and there are only two resale homes under contract. (one is a short sale, and the other is a standard re-sale.)

In summary, there is a lot of new construction going on in this neighborhood. If you want to sell you need to price your home below the builder’s asking price to generate buyer serious interest.

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