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Longleaf Community Real Estate Overview

There are 8 homes in Longleaf under contract waiting to close. 2 are built before 2010, however, these numbers are a bit skewed since they were either short sale or bank owned. They were asking $101 average per sq foot when they went under contract. The 6 remaining were asking $135 per sq ft when they went under contract. Should be interesting to see what all these actually close out for.

Longleaf Market Update

Longleaf Village is a subdivision in SW Gainesville with lots of amenities.  There are two builders who are active in Longleaf – Tommy Williams and Robinshore. Historical Sales Prices Year Sold $/Sqft Sale Price 2004 $                106 $        192,773 2005...

Resident Physicians Finding a Home

One of the million things you have to do before starting work is find a place to live. Most residents want a home near Shands. You know you’ll be busy and don’t want headaches so you want something that doesn’t require much maintenance. You also want a home that isn’t too expensive (you’re still paying off student loans) but in a safe & clean neighborhood.