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Bonnie Seide

Running a family-owned business with my daughter has been a dream-come-true. I love what I do and the people I do it with. Between helping families move forward with life and working on home renovations with my husband I am pretty active. People tell me to slow down, and I can’t see why I would want to.

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Articles by Bonnie Seide

6 Steps to Closing a Short Sale

There is nothing fast about a short sale.  A home is a “Short Sale” when the owner of the home owes more to the bank for their property then the property can sell for on the open market and the owner needs to sell. The owner can’t bring additional cash to the closing...

What is a short sale?

A Short Sale is when a home owner, NEEDING to sell their home, cannot sell it for what is owed on the loan, so the lender steps in and will allow the sale to go through and possibly forgive the difference owed - or short. A short sale is a term used by lenders and...

6 Steps To Find a Home's Value

Without looking back at what the seller is asking for this home, use your findings to determine what the reasonable “market value” seems to be. Then compare that price to what the seller is asking. If it is lower, the home is a good deal, if it is higher, the seller may know this already and is waiting for an offer to come in.

Broadmoor Market Update

There were 3 homes in Broadmoor sold since June of this year. They closed out at $170,000 to $215,000. They were between 1808 to 2147 square feet, and only on the market between 93 to 144 days. Their closed price puts them at $93 to $107 per sqft.

Millhopper Road Market Update

Six homes have recently been sold along Millhopper Road and are waiting to close. The land measured between .33 to 1.07 acre. The buildings are between 1411 to 4028 square foot, and they had been on the market from 52 to 406 days before they went under contract. Their asking prices ranged from $236,000 to $645,000, with price per square foot being $94 to $137 .

Union Street Station Market Report

Union Street Station is a unique building ahead of its time when it was built in 2000. Some of the finest restaurants and greatest boutiques in Gainesville are found on the ground floor. The second floor is cluttered with office space... Many suits pass thru these...

Town of Tioga Market Update

  There are 9 homes listed for sale as of this writing in Town of Tioga subdivision. They range in age from 1999 to 2007. They range in heated and cooled square foot from 2044 to 4250. Their asking price ranges are $269,000 to $660,000. The median asking $/sqft...

Luxury Home Market in Alachua County

Luxury Home Market in Alachua County   Anything priced over $500,000 is considered a luxury home in our area. There are 104 luxury homes listed in Alachua County MLS system as of this writing.   Homes For Sale Now There are 21 homes asking over $1,000,000....